Aluminum Case


Computer case made from recycled aluminum and pop rivets.

The sides are scrap heat sinks from old linear power supplies.

The aluminum channel is from old chalkboard frames the high school was replacing.

The front and top covers are from surplus military radio equipment.
The stainless spring loaded pins have ball bearings that stick out from the end to keep them in place. The pins were for holding a military trailer cover in place.
At the bottom left and right you can just see the ball bearings inside the stainless pins...
The momentary contact toggle switch to the right of the disk drives is dual function, push it up to open or close the top drive, down for the bottom drive.
The front and top hinge open..

I had my computer in this case for two or three years... There are a few issues like having the MB flat on the bottom means any piece of dust or crud that gets inside just sits on the MB...

It was also a real pain to replace any of the components on the MB like like the video card because I made it so cramped. I still have the case, but its currently empty.


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