Here are a few of the highlights - best pictures

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Our semi sheltered campsite.. somehow the sand finds its way into every little crevice...
The sand was so fine. And you could actually see it blowing across the surface of the beach. Neat experience for me.
The gearbox broke on the outboard so it would only engage into reverse :D this made for some fun sailing with the engine attached to the FRONT of the boat.

First test with front board drive ;)

Oh and did I mention that a hurricane was on its way in less than 24 hours?

The wind was blowing so hard there was no chance of paddling upwind so we lashed everything together..


In the end we got as far as the next bay before almost sinking from head on waves coming over the front.. The canoes were paddled down wind to land at a different harbor and we got some nice people with a big yacht to tow "Adequate" back to the starting location further upwind...

It was such a fun experience.. I had a blast.