Last Updated: 2007-11-08

5W LED flashlight

Schematic in GIF format

PCB Size Comparison

The design started out somewhat larger and as I came to realize what a small space it realy needed to ocupy went through some revision, with more utilization of the bottom copper side for parts and traces.

(If you actually want to build this contact me and I can provide you with the original Sprint Layout file that you could print our edit..)

PCB Bottom Side

PCB Top Side

PCB Bottom Side

With the N channel mosfet and current sense resistor.

PCB Bottom Side

Now with the inductor and schottky diode.

PCB Top Side

Most parts installed

You can also see the ribbon cable to the 5 way momentary contact switch.

PCB Bottom Side

Most parts installed.

PCB, LED/Heat sink, Switch on PVC spring.


5 Way MOM switch and PVC Spring

The PVC spring you see hear is so the whole assembly can be pushed into the front of a maglite brand 2D cell flashlight and have the button then spring into place through the hole originally intended for the on-off switch.

PCB Bottom with resistors

Here you can see the current limiting resistors for the the three LED's.. I would have preferred to use a high frequency current inductor base current limiter instead of just resistors but there wasn't enough room and it would be much more complex..

PVC Case

Fits inside a 2D cell maglite where the original bulb holder would go.

Main Components

Ready for final assembly.

Top View

Showing how the LED and heat sink connects to the front.

Side View


The 5 way switch is on the left top side. The cuts in the PVC case were needed so the electrolytic capacitors and the PCB could fit in place.

Front View Completed Module

Here's what it looked like before going into the flashlight. The copper plate is press fit into the maglite case for proper heatsinking of the 5 W LED module.



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